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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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Local Performer

Canceling my pandora subscription.... because theirs no samsung watch app...



Local Performer

I want to keep pandora, however the fact that I can't use it on my samsung smartwatch is more than annoying. I've been a paying customer for many years, but this might finally be what gets me to leave for spotify.

Local Performer

I have been paying for your services for years but am now switching to spotify because I can not get pandora on my Samsung galaxy watch. Disappointing.

Local Performer

I want Pandora music for smart watch!


Local Performer

What is the latest development on this? I am a Pandora subscriber for my entire family, and I'm considering upgrading to a Galaxy Watch 5. Is it true you still do not have a stand alone app for Samsung Galaxy Watches? If so, that's very disappointing. As others have said, perhaps I will look into Spotify.

Local Performer

Wow, it's now 4years later and still no app.  Guess Pandora is not making one.  Off to Spotify I go as well.  So long box in the mud.  

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When I purchased my samsung watch I thought Pandora would be to download the app. Dislike spotify. Please hurry and create Pandora for my watch

Local Performer

Yeah, it's a bit ridiculous that this has not been done. Same price as other apps with less support.

Local Performer

Please add Pandora to the Galaxy 5 smartwatch. I love the app but disappointed its not available, I really don't want to switch.

Local Performer

Well your decision not to have a standalone app for the Galaxy watches is a boom for Spotify. I bet your shareholders are pretty happy with the loss of revenue.