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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

mod edit: changing title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @cbow. 👋

To keep the community space organized, I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Be sure to click on the ❤️ icon next to the title of the request to express your interest of having this option implemented. 

Thanks so much for being a part of the Pandora Community! :pandora:

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I was very excited about the Galaxy Watch 3 announcement until I found out Pandora doesn't offer an app. This will be my 1st watch and it looks like I will be canceling my Plus subscription and moving to Spotify Premium. What a shame.

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Please make a Tizen standalone app now that you have a standalone app for Apple watch. 

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This! Please! Please make an app for Samsung wearables! I do not want Spotify and don't want to have to make a new account and new playlists and all that all over again after having carefully cultivated the Pandora playlists I have now for years. Is it a Samsung problem? Are they stopping this?

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Don't want to switch to Spotify, but I will so I can have music for working out. Make the app for galaxy watches!!

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Gotta admit, I'm gonna have to jump ship to Spotify. Unfortunate. I've been a Premium member for a while now, but I need the service to work on my hardware or it isn't worth it. I have no idea what the problem is. The OS can't be that difficult to program or Spotify wouldn't have managed it.

Local Performer

Still no stand alone Samsung watch app? This has been requested by users for a long while now and still nothing. Any update on if or when this feature will be released?

Local Performer

Even if its not like a standalone, least have an app that will be connected to the watch via Bluetooth so that I dont have to reach for my phone all the time. 

Local Performer

It's time for Pandora on the galaxy watch. What's the hold up?  

Local Performer

I'm surprised there still isn't one