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Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

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I'd like to be able to stream pandora from my watch, rather than my phone, at times. I've noticed that spotify has a watch app that supports this; but I can't find one for pandora

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I am so disappointed that I can't download and stream music on the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 (which I will be returning today). You'd think after all this time, you'd be able to use it. Apparently you have to use your android phone to blutooth the music to your watch, which defeats the purpose of having a smart watch. I wanted to use it at the gym so I could leave my phone and go do my thing while using my blutooth headset to listen to pandora. Can you guys please work on this? I don't understand why Spotify and iHeart Radio are options, but pandora isn't.  

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Please provide an app that works on WearOS devices. There is no longer one available in the Play Store.  

If it could have the same functionality as the regular Android app - including offline music - that would be fantastic.


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Please make this available. I used to get this on my Fitbit. I just got a Pixel Watch and I am very disappointed that I cant get Pandora on this watch. Will probably cancel premium service now. 

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Currently the Pandora app isn't supported on the new Google pixel. Watch. Other applications such as Spotify are fully supported. If I can't listen to Pandora through my watch leveraging my LTE connectivity then unfortunately I will have to switch applications. I would love to see Pandora quickly port app support to the new pixel watch.

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it's sad, this is a no brainer feature that should already exist. however from my experience in dealing with Pandora support  (and other than bug fixes and keeping current with the latest Android APIs) they have not truly progressed their platform and app in over a decade.

considering they were the first and for the longest time best, they have early adopters which are still with them because they don't want to invest time in learning or setting up an alternate service (similar to me).

Their shortcomings are really starting to get noticed and it's highly unlikely they are bringing on very many new subscribers these days. I've personally downgraded from their top Premium paid to Free cause other than setting up play lists and being able to listen to exactly what you want at a given moment it's just not worth it (especially because there is no "real" Android Wear support and doesn't appear there will be any time soon)

But it might be time to do just that..change to another service for my music)

You can't even stream in true full hi-def audio like several of the other platforms now available (I won't mention names, you all know.who they are)

Anyway, just wanted to share my 2 cents having used Pandora for a solid 20 years

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Please do Pandora for Pixel Watch

See subject

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Just got a Pixel watch and was really disappoint there wasn't a Pandora app for WearOS, hope its getting some consideration as a priority feature add!

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With Samsung watches now using Wear OS, it seems it is time for Pandora for Wear OS. Primarily, it would be a remote control for Pandora on my phone (skip, thumb, pick station). It would be cool if it could cache a couple hours music from my phone so I can work out without my phone (obviously I would need to pick a station or playlist to cache from). I have a Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth.

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Seriously why dont you have an app for android watches?? 

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Please come back to Wear OS. Wearables are getting big, and I desperately want to listen to Pandora on my watch when I don't take my phone along for workouts and whatnot. I really don't want to switch to YouTube or some other supported service. Been with Pandora for ages, and I love it. Please join us back in wearables.