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Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Status: Open Ideas

I'd like to be able to stream pandora from my watch, rather than my phone, at times. I've noticed that spotify has a watch app that supports this; but I can't find one for pandora

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @ambergren thanks for posting to community!

While there are Smart Watches available for Pandora on Android devices, currently a standalone option is not available. Thanks for you feedback on this! I've passed this along to our products team!

Hope to see you around community more!

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Can I upvote this to get more attention.  This, quite simply, would be an AMAZING feature.  I've been looking forward to being able to stream without a cell phone for quite sometime now.  Especially for running.  Not having a cell phone but still being able to stream, or even use offline features would be awesome.  I hate having my cell when I workout. 

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@TannerPandora Is there a time period for standalone on non-Apple watches?  What are some of the "Smart Watches available for Pandora on Android devices"?


Was super excited to startup Pandora (moving from Spotify) because we're supposed to be able to download our music. We have premium family as well, so we should have full features. I have wear OS and my wife has an iwatch. Trying to download playlists, and our watches our seeing only STATIONS. I don't want a station with random music, I want my playlist I built for running to work offline without my phone. Literally the whole point is to run with less stuff. I don't want to have to carry my phone running just to listen to my music.


Also, my wear os was not updating to match my stations, which I deleted almost all, nor would it update to show my actually recently played. It is not syncing correctly or updating. Everything is one now, bluetooth, wifi, etc. Pretty annoying if playlists can't be downloaded on the device....


Hi @Shades21 thanks for posting.

I moved your Feature Request to an existing thread on this - Standalone watch for Android

Wear OS currently does not support standalone playback or Premium features. In order to use Pandora on your watch you will need to be connected to your phone via bluetooth. 

If you're having trouble with playback or the watch not syncing correctly, I would recommend trying the troubleshooting steps that you can be found here.

Unfortunately, I don't have an update or a timeline as to when you might see a standalone app implemented. 


The Apple Watch does support standalone playback for Series 3 and above with WatchOS 6 and an active cellular connection.

Unfortunately, the option to choose which content is downloaded for offline listening is currently not a feature. 

There is a feature request for this here.

Pandora Plus subscribers will automatically have their three most-listened-to stations along with Thumbprint Radio downloaded (as long as there is enough space available on the Apple Watch).

Pandora Premium subscribers, on the other hand, are only limited by the capacity of their Apple Watch, and can download, stations, albums, songs or playlists.

For offline issues on the Apple watch, I recommend trying the troubleshooting steps that can be found here




You are incorrect, Wear OS does support it, as does Pandora, there is even an offline mode, which you pointed to, here's a couple reference points so you can read how it is supposed to work:

Wear OS does support it, you can find the documentation here:


Pandora says that it supports offline playback here:


It specifically says:

" Offline Mode on Wear OS

To access Offline Mode from your watch, start by swiping down on the watch face from top to bottom. This will bring up a menu drawer.

Next, swipe from right to left for Settings and tap Offline Mode.

Once you've selected Offline Mode, your watch will display only your Offline Stations in your station list.

To exit Offline Mode swipe from right to left for Settings and tap Connectivity.

From here, toggle the Offline Mode switch off."


It says STATIONS, not playlists, and I can't pick and choose which ones to have on my watch. I want my running one only. The problem is I want my PLAY LISTS synced.


Also, you'll notice that the rest of my post was about how my watch was not syncing with the rest of my Pandora account, which is an obvious problem.



I've already uninstalled and reinstalled.


If you have an actual solution, please tell me! Otherwise, please point me to real feature suggestion that would fix both of these issues and I'm happy to vote on them.







I specifically moved over to Pandora because Spotify has NO offline playback option, while Pandora does.

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@Shades21  - same issue for  me with WearOS app on my smartwatch.  I have Pandora Premium and cannot see my downloaded stations or playlists on Offline mode on the watch.  Can only see the Pandora Plus version in which three most popular stations plus Thumbprint station is available offline.  I have also uninstalled and then reinstalled 3 times and same result each time.   Hoping that Google/WearOS and Pandora can sync up on this issue soon so I can workout to my playlists @TannerPandora 

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Taking specific music on my watch for a run (offline) should be basic.  So, please make the wear OS app capable of downloading a Playlist created in Pandora Premium.  Seems so basic, why hasn't this been made available? 

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I always thought this was a lack of technology on the android watches. I returned my last watch back in 2019 once I realized I was required to have my phone with the watch. Now that I realize it's a limitation due to Pandora, I find it kind of lazy on their side. I feel the community needs to join on liking this idea which would get a ton of use and support.