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Ideas: Suggested artist seeds based on thumbs

Ideas: Suggested artist seeds based on thumbs

Status: Open Ideas

So normally you give us suggestions for the add variety for artists on stations:


 and you give us the recommendations to add 


 so why not give us a recommendation on what’s thumbed the most on the station rather then suggested or artists it normally gives you in modes like discovery and deep cuts, those artists you know? Let’s say I thumbed a lot of Metallica on an artist station but it’s not a recommended one on that list it will now tell you that’s the most thumbed artist on the station so it will now pop up on the recommended. Or insert a random similar artist after we hit the add variety button rather then waiting for some to pop up on the for you tab.


(I’m on IOS by the way)

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting @RapidCorrus29!

That's a great idea and can definitely provide a more customized listening experience. The status of your post has bee updated to Open Ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!