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Ideas: Support Apple Vision Pro

Ideas: Support Apple Vision Pro

Status: Open Ideas

It is not possible to listen to music via Pandora on Apple's Vision Pro device.

  • The Pandora app is not available in the App Store for the Vision Pro.
  • The Pandora website does not provide the option to listen to music when accessed from the web browser on the Vision Pro. (I suspect that is because the Vision Pro functions similarly to an iOS device.)

I would be happy with either a native app for Vision Pro or being able to listen via the web browser.

According to Apple's developer documentation[1], all iOS/iPad applications were automatically available via the Vision Pro App Store, unless the developer intervened. This suggests that Pandora chose to prevent the iOS/iPad app from being available on this new device.




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Status changed to: Open Ideas

This would be awesome, @mscottford. I'm definitely all for it, and the Vision Pro is so cool. 

Your idea has been updated to Open Ideas. Thanks for posting!