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Ideas: Use API Endpoint to retrieve list of all thumbs up songs

Ideas: Use API Endpoint to retrieve list of all thumbs up songs

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Hello! I've been paying for and using Pandora for over 15 years, and would love a way to compile my thumbs up'ed songs. My current profile on the desktop shows 212 songs, which can't be right and the app shows 740 which might be. I've read that there were changes to the viewable thumbs up's from the profile, and I'm wondering if there's any way to get a text file of them all. If there's a public endpoint I can hit via postman that'd be pretty dope. Or maybe a request for account data. Surly there's something??

I see the getFeedback endpoint, but that seems to be the one that's limited to 212 and on top of that it seems to be limited to 100 'feedbacks' at a time, which even if I could get all 740, it'd be annoying to sift through all that extra data when all I really want is a simple list of song/artist...

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Hi @hobatron 

Thanks for your ideas!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the service and receiving feedback like your helps with that. The status of your Ideas has been updated to Open Ideas.

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