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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

Opening Act
Status: Closed Ideas

Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.

Local Performer

Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

Local Performer

This is an incredibly important security feature.  Please implement this ASAP to the account settings.  

Local Performer

Add me to the list of supporters, please add this functionality earliest...

Local Performer

Another +1 to this one, as a Site Reliability Engineer. This seems very much in line with GDPR / CCPA and should absolutely be implemented immediately.

Local Performer

Please add. It’s frustrating to see my account is compromised and I can’t force logout.

Local Performer

Add me to the list of people who would like this.


Local Performer

Yes this would be so beneficial! As stated personal information is locked into our accounts and being able to control who is on our personal accounts and being able to force close the unwanted account with me a world of difference.

Local Performer

I live alone and know that Pandora is installed on just 3 devices.  I know that it's not currently open on the other two but get this message interrupting constantly lately and it's become anger inducing because I am unable to stop what I am doing at work to access my device. I pay for this service and it's getting to the point where I am ready to cancel my account. Please do something about this glitch before it's too late.

Local Performer

Agreed with this post, I keep having a notification that someone else is listening on my account but I do not know who or from where and it does scare me about my payment info... 

Local Performer

Yes, for user security we need a function that allows us to see which devices are attempting to use our accounts. I just recieved a notification someone was using my account and only one person at a time could listen. Im the only person who has access to my account. I pay for a subscription and would like an option to know who is attempting to use my account and a way to remove/block them if its someone i dont know. As well as a wayy to set a device as a "Home" device so we can not be forced out if the account is being used elsewhere.