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1988 Hip Hop Playlist


Fresh for '88Fresh for '88


Click the art to remember why '88 was one of the greatest years in Hip-Hop history. Lyricism took a quantum leap, sampling at it's best before the licensing crack down, and the emergence of many legendary artists.

What years would you submit as other high-water marks for the genre?

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You cannot exclude 1983 with Michael Jackson and his record breaking album of Thriller and the popularity of MTV. It was a breakthrough year for hip hop. Rap was just coming to life (becoming popular). The Jacksons began somewhere in the late 60's as the Jackson 5. But yes 88 was a great year, no doubt.



Oops, not sure why I put "Rock The Bells" on here. That was '85...

Community Manager
Community Manager

@B_T_O Your playlist inspired me to come up w/ my own playlist: Hip-Hop Classics for '878️⃣7️⃣

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