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420 playlist recommendations

Local Performer

I'm making a 420 playlist and I wanted some song recommendations to add to said playlist- so gimmie some babieee


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @avaona, I'm glad to see you're putting together a playlist!

If you're looking for some 420-themed songs, I'd suggest adding "Because I Got High" by Afroman, "Kaya" by Bob Marley, and "Hits from the Bong" by Cypress Hill.

Also, we have a thread that might interest you with a playlist of indie rock music:

Let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can help with.

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

Let's exchange playlists and podcasts in the Music + Podcasts

Local Performer

thank you so very much! definitely will add them!

Diamond in the Rough

Pandora's country 420 Playlist 

Greener pastures has some great 420 songs.