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Halloween: Surf & Reggae Playlist


I made this playlist that alternates between Surf Rock and Reggae songs (and one Calypso track to cap it off) with a horror theme. It has been a go to for me over the last couple years. Click the artwork, and enjoy!

Terror, on the BeachTerror, on the Beach


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@B_T_O   thanks for sharing this playlist. I do like me some Reggae, I have Stick Figure, along with a few others. Thanks again, have a great weekend, take care and stay safe. 

P.S I hope to see you around more. Pandora has been doing a great job making the Community a great place to interact. Again, be safe.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks so much for sharing, @B_T_O!

Will definitely check it out 🎶

Alyssa | Community Manager
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