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Pandora Picks: April 2020 - Curators' Choice Playlist


An upside of quarantine living is that we have more time to dime the volume on some tunes. And what an awesome month for music! We got into tons of amazing new recordings in April. We even had time to revisit some old chestnuts and discover some under-the-radar gems as well. Put on your favorite sweatpants and check out what we've been jamming in our pajamas!


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I clicked on Listen Now: and it say's undefined and the page is blank. I tried it three times and it say's the same. Undefined and blank. Take care.

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Thanks for letting us know @MOHLovesAlaska! It should work now. Happy listening! 🎧

Tanner | Community Moderator

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TannerPandora , thank you....and yes it is working. Thanks again, take care and stay safe.


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