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Sounds of Revolution

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Good morning

If you are a fan of history, tragedy, mysteries, and music then this book and playlist may be for you.

Here's something new to listen to and a great book to read that goes along with this playlist 


This playlist is  a collection of all the songs mentioned in the book revolution by Jennifer Donnelly


These songs range from the blues to classic rock and something else in between but I assure you all of these are a pretty great bop.

Here  a link of an excerpt from the book revolutionScreenshot 2021-03-29 08.31.35.png

A summary should be in the link also but if it isn't here you go.


Screenshot 2021-03-29 08.40.01.pngCheck this out if you need something new to read and something new to listen to.

And don't forget Life's a journey not a Destination 

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@Listener001  thanks for sharing this, I will give this a listen. Take care and stay safe. 


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@MOHLovesAlaska  thank you!