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The Best Amazing Grace Inspirational I Have Ever Heard.

Listen to this inspirational song, it is the best I have ever heard.

Freakin Amazing Grace by The Badpiper. 

Enjoy this song. Take care and stay safe.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for posting this rendition, I'll have to check it it, @MOHLovesAlaska. 👍

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@AlyssaPandora I hope you will, I think you'll like it. I have another one that is also with bagpipes but that one is the full version which is over 9 minutes long. It also happens to be one of my favorite versions but I thought not many people would be interested in listening to such a long rendition of Amazing Grace with just Bagpipes and some violin in the background. 

Well, anyway, take care and stay safe.