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"Jarmusch-ical" Playlist


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From the droning guitars in Limits of Control to Ethio-jazz in Broken Flowers, a cohesive musical backdrop has been a central element in all of Jim Jarmusch's films. This playlist is a collection of some of my favorite cuts featured in his work, his original compositions (with his band SQÜRL), and other related projects.

What is your favorite Jarmusch soundtrack/score and why?

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Diamond in the Rough

My favorite Jarmusch soundtrack is Dead Man, with Broken Flowers as a close second. I love Neil Young and his solo electric guitar sounds perfectly soundtrack that movie.

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@B_T_O  my favorite from the soundtrack is "The Dead Don't Die" by Sturgill Simpson. One reason I like the song , the song speaks truth. The second reason, I look at other playlist that are posted and if someone has something I like, I will add it to my own playlist. Thanks for sharing. Take care and stay safe.


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