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Album Name in Place of Track Name

Local Performer

Can someone explain why Pandora regularly displays the name of a track's album instead of displaying the name of the individual track?

The issue (assuming it's a bug and not a feature) occurs most often on my John Williams (Composer) station, which plays almost exclusively film soundtracks. Whether I'm using the Android app, the Windows desktop app, or listening on the web (Google Chrome), Pandora will almost always display the name of the soundtrack instead of the individual track. For example, if the last track in the soundtrack for Star Wars Episode VII comes on, Pandora will display "Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Film Score" as the track name instead of the track's actual name, which is "Jedi Steps and Finale," and the antepenultimate track from the soundtrack for the first Star Wars anthology film displays as "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Film Score" instead of that track's actual title, "Jyn Erso & Hope Suite." There are occasional exceptions to this rule, but even those exceptions don't seem to be consistent across entire albums.

The only platform that seems to (fairly) consistently get the track name correct is the Pandora skill for my Amazon Echo. Usually (but not always) if I ask it to say what's playing it will give me the track name instead of the album name.

This is not a recent development (In fact, it was only recently that Pandora started telling me any of the individual track names for these albums) but it's finally bugging me enough that I've decided to post here hoping someone has answers.

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@AdamPandora, do you have any updates for us? It's going on three years since this bug has been reported. Thanks!

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