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Artist comes up for play list but I can't add songs to station.

Local Performer

Search up Antti Martikainen on the net and you get a wonderful collection of instrumental music (great for D&D) but here it takes you to a single jazz album, which I'm not even certain is him. 

Search for a specific song, let's say "Wenches and Rum" and you can get the song to come up but get an error when you click on the " +".


I was able to get his music as a Playlist. 


... And yes, I've written support, and got a "we'll look into it." months ago. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Txj1123!

Thanks for posting on the community, and sorry about that!

I did some digging and there are two different artist profiles, with a very very slight difference in their last names.

"Wenches & Rum" is by Antti Martikainen (Finnish Composer). You can find his Pandora profile here.

I think this is the actual artist you're looking to create a station based on.


There is also another artist under Antti Matikeinen (Finnish Singer). You can find his profile here.

In the meantime, I do see that you reported this with someone from our User Support team via email. I just reported this again from my end to our curation team.

Thanks for your patience while we look into this!

Alyssa | Community Manager
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