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BTS Albums and songs being deleted

Local Performer

I have noticed over the past couple of months that many of BTS songs are disappearing or being deleted in particular the song FIRE now only loads in the Japanese version and their album Love your self tear shows up as unavailable and MAP OF THE SOUL 7 was completely deleted from the platform. What happened to them???

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Strawberrai I'm happy to look into this, however I want to make sure I am looking at the correct music.

You mentioned the track Fire, by BTS only plays the Japanese version.

I located this track here: Fire by BTS

To clarify, is this the track that is playing in Japanese?

If not, can you please send me a link to the track you are referring to in Pandora?


You also mentioned Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' now shows up as unavailable - is this the correct album you are referring to here?

If not, can you please send me a link to the album you are referring to in Pandora?


Lastly you mentioned MAP OF THE SOUL 7 has now disappeared completely - I will check in with our curation team about this one. 

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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