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Bulk of stations were deleted (12/8 - 12/9)

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We have used Pandora for years, with a our account pretty much the entire time, and had dozens of curated stations to where we liked them after thumbs upping and downing songs to get to a nice blend. A couple weeks ago, ALL of them disappeared. Just, gone - only two stations show up now, which are new ones we just created. We are incredibly bummed about this - it very well may make us leave this platform. Is there any hope of recovering all of our lost data? I’ve already logged out and back in with no luck. Thank you. 

Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@aeolix I've gone ahead and restored your recently deleted stations.

Feel free to remove the ones you don't actually want anymore.

If there are any others that you notice are still missing, please let me know the names of them, and I can help look into it further.

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