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Chinese/Japanese Stations

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Why does Pandora play much Japanese music on the Chinese station and play much Japanese music on the Chinese station?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@harathedog49 Nice to see you around the community. 👋🏽

I had someone from our support team take a look at your account, and they mentioned you currently have these two stations created:

These aren't actually genre stations (which I believe is what you are looking for), but rather are song-based stations. So it is possible for music from other languages to bleed into each of these stations.

We employ musicians who are specifically trained to hear the nuances of the different genres of music we include in the Music Genome Project collection. 
We don't yet cover every language in the world, but from the perspective of our largely USA-based listening audience, we have reasonably good cultural and linguistic coverage.
You can check out what we've got so far here.

We do our best to keep our listeners informed of new offerings on Pandora, so you can always follow our blog for any new developments.
If you have any specific songs or artists you'd like to see added to the Pandora library, you can provide that feedback on our Music Suggestions thread. 

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the otherwise wide range of music Pandora currently offers!
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