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Greek artist listed as Latin pop

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Greek artist Petros Iakovidis seems to be tagged as Latin pop. A station created from this artist plays only Maná, Luis Miguel, Ricardo Arjona, Reik, and other Latin pop artists. A station started from a Greek artist like this should play at least some other Greek pop. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rtn2 Thanks for reporting this.

I have escalated your feedback to our curation team so they can take a closer look at that station. 🔎

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Local Performer

I frequently find that I have trouble with creating Greek music stations. To improve my stations, I have added multiple artists or songs that fit the genre or mood I am creating. I also give a thumbs down when it plays songs that not appropriate for the station and thumbs up for the songs it selects that I want to hear again on that station.
It takes extra effort, but I know that an all-Greek station is not the taste of the majority of people and few people speak Greek worldwide so most only hear Greek music on a Greek Islands vacation music station or playlist with a lot of bouzouki folk music.

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