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How to feature a station with multiple artists

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I have a premium account.  I want to create a "station" that features multiple artists and have Pandora select/play tunes from their 'catalogs'.  I'd like to see the station content refined by the songs I like.  I don't want to create playlist of specific songs but rather a way to gain exposure to additional songs by a group of artists.  Is there a way to do this?  Thx

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@Scrubjay The best way to do this would be to create one station, seed it with multiple artists, and then listen to that station in Artist Only Mode.

Artist Only Mode will play only tracks from the artist you created your station with (along with tracks from the other artists you've added to it as variety).

  • For instructions on how to add variety to your station, check out the accepted solution to this thread: How to add variety to a station
  • For instructions on how listen in Artist Only Mode, check out this help page article: Pandora Modes

Hope this helps!

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