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Live version of track plays instead of studio version

Local Performer
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this hasn't been the first time of pandora doing this to me, however I'm kind of sick of it happening. I was listening to my favorite playlist today when one of the best songs came on. However, it's not the original anymore... instead it plays the live version, and like no offense, but I'm not a fan of hearing people talking and screaming in the background or beginning of songs. So I go to look for the original and it still is added but now only radio??? What's the point of having pandora premium for years if songs keep popping off my playlist? Unlimited replays until they decide one day to remove and change songs. The whole point of getting away from Radio and switching to Pandora was to not have ads and to listen to your favorite songs as many times you want. I was fine paying for that for the longest time but now I think I'd rather go back fully to CDs... Wondering if anyone else has this issue or if there is a better option or way around this?

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@LuluLunaria I've gone ahead and escalated your report to our curation team so they can further investigate.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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