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Playlist Not Downloading with Premium

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I made my own playlist and have the Pandora premium Family plan but for some reason my playlist won’t download. It just shows the arrows going in a circle. I left the app open all night hoping that it would download over night but it still just shows the same thing. I’ve been having this problem since I got the family plan back again

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@Shyannesmith420 I created a separate thread for your issue since the original thread you posted on is specific to Pandora Plus users.

To clarify, are you unable to get your playlist to download on an iPhone, or an Android device?

Additionally, is it possible that this might be occurring because there is not enough storage on your device?

Pandora will never use the last 500MB of storage, so we will only download as many stations as we can before we hit that limit.

If it doesn't appear to be storage related, I'd recommend signing out of the app and signing back in, which will reset the download process. Then, make sure to keep Pandora in the foreground of your device while the download completes.

If you continue to have trouble, check the download icon for the content you are attempting to download. The two rotating arrows indicate that the content is still in the download process and the highlighted downward pointing arrow means the content has successfully downloaded.

If the icon is not highlighted, try downloading the content again and keep the app in the foreground while the offline music downloads. Keep in mind that stations and large playlists take a longer time to download.

Lastly, if you are having trouble downloading stations, try downloading a single track for offline listening to see if that works.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Adam | Community Moderator

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