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Shuffling my playlists

Local Performer

I just upgraded to premium. 
I liked the ability to pick my own songs and create playlists like Spotify. I canceled my Spotify because of the inability to shuffle stations. 
However, I am not able to shuffle my playlists that I created. 
Is that correct? 
I would have to choose stations instead and shuffle them?
Any insight would be appreciated. 
Thank you!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Pacmac. 👋

Nice to see you around the community space. You can shuffle songs within your playlist, but not multiple (different) playlists at once. You can also shuffle multiple stations.

To shuffle an on-demand piece of content such as an album or playlist:

  1. Go to the Now Playing screen and select the icon with intersecting arrows on the bottom of the screen to turn Shuffle on or off.
  2. When the shuffle icon is highlighted, it will shuffle all the songs from that album or playlist.

To make the album, playlist or track you're listening to repeat:

  1. Go to the Now Playing screen and select the circling arrows icon on the bottom left of the screen to turn Repeat on or off.
  2. Selecting the icon once will cause a playlist or album to play in a loop.
  3. To make a single track repeat, select the same icon a second time. The icon will change to reveal a number 1, indicating that only one track will be repeated.


Shuffling Stations:

After checking your account, looks like you may be using an iPhone device.

To edit which stations are played during Shuffle:

  • Go to My Collection.
    • Free and Pandora Plus listeners, swipe the Shuffle Stations icon bar at the top of your stations list from right to left. Then tap the Pencil that appears.
    • Pandora Premium subscribers will need to filter My Collection further by Stations. Then tap the Pencil to the right of Shuffle stations.

There, you can select or deselect which stations you'd like to appear in your Shuffle by Station or Genre. Tap Save on the top right corner of your screen when done.

Hope this helps. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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