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Songs play in the wrong language

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I choose songs but they keep playing wrong language. Even if I thumb down or say play whatever song in English. It will still play foreign version. The only way to get around it is to manually open pandora on a device and choose the correct song in English. Then later when you try again? You get foreign language. Sometimes Spanish or French. Why would I want any music in any other language other than my own. Why is pandering pushing foreign music? When my two year old wants to hear her song but I can’t get it for her. That doesn’t go over very well. Like these companies log so much personal information from you. They should be able to figure out that hmm. Maybe English is their primary language?  We all know for a fact we signed off on them tracking us in the user agreement. You couldn’t gather all this information about me and my daily habits to figure out that I don’t know any French or Hawaiian or Spanish?  Please help!!

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@Swandman  I'm not with Pandora support, but they do have a quick help, if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see many options, select the help option you can get going from there. I wish you the best. Take care and stay safe.  



@Swandman I moved your post over to the My Collection space.

Can you please send me the link to a specific track that plays in a different language when you select it?

I'd like to take a closer look.

Thanks for working with me on this. 🤝

Adam | Community Moderator

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