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Station missing on one of my devices

Local Performer

Hi Adam, it's Jeffrey from RI. I have a question: I added a new channel yesterday and it is not showing up on my list on another devise. Is that normal?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jeffreyb22 I moved your post to the My Collection Support space as this is the best place for any station or playlist related questions.

It sounds to me like you may be signed into a different account on your device if you are seeing a different station list.

It may help to sign out of your device, and then sign back in using the email address associated with the Pandora account your original station list was created on.

If that doesn't help, please let me know:

  • the name of the station that is missing
  • the make and model of the device you are using when the station is missing

Thanks for your patience.

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