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Stop making auto-generated playlists

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I've been a paying Pandora customer for years and years, but I'm one feature away from cancelling my account and using Spotify exclusively.  

Pandora used ot be simple and easy to use.  Stations.  Thumb up or thumb down.  Now I have pandora-generated "collections" that I don't care about.  I have play lists that I don't care about.  I have "thumbed-up playlist from your station" that I don't care about.  

Stop trying to be like Spotify.  You do you.  

also, auto-playing offline content when I briefly lose internet connection is ridiculous, especially when the genre is completly different.  In the good ol' days, the current song would at least play to the end.  


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Local Performer

Please STOP auto-generating playlists. I love Pandora except for that annoying feature.

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What is the point of generating "feature requests", if Pandora isn't ever going to do anything?  It's almost 2024, people have been complaining about this since at least 2019!

If you don't have any actual people monitoring requests, could you at least let your AI give it a try?


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Why does this app make yet another "Thumbs up" station for every single artist I thumb up 1 song?!

This is ridiculous honestly, I do not want to end up with 100+ stations that were forcibly auto added just because I thumbed up a song or two by an artist I don't listen to as often. If I wanted a new playlist for that artist or their songs I thumbed up then I would go make one myself! I don't need an ai or program or whatever taking control and leaving me with 12 "New" stations of nothing but songs that play on at least 2 of my other stations...Either remove this obviously broken feature or at least make it optional because y'all are actively losing money over this. I just had to go and delete 3 stations that I didn't create and didn't even know existed until I decided to listen via my smart tv and ended up back on my phone because I can't delete stations or even change anything from my tv...Honestly, if I want this drama I'd just go watch youtube and deal with the funky algorithm there.

Oh and the issue of stations bleeding into one another is dumb too, as much as I've seen responses that claim thumbs up are station locked then why am I hearing guns n' roses on my anna nalick radio suddenly?! You can say the stations aren't bleeding together until we both drop dead, just like I can claim to be the queen of england or say that trees and grass are pink with purple polkadots but it doesn't make it true...The stations are bleeding together and I cannot understand why the app must make a new thumbs up station spawn off my current station because what is the point?

Please for the love of god fix the app. Fix it! I've literally been using pandora on the same account since I was like 12 and I am now 25 and seriously depressed over not being able to listen to music without 1mil problems with my chosen music app and making my already horribly awful day way worse...Especially considering I've been paying actual money on here to remove ads for better listening only for these two problems to arise and seemingly go completely unacknowledged much less fixed.

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