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Not hearing song station was created for

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Why did it take more than three years for Pandora to play Che Che La lemme by Dr. Buzzard I made a radio station with the name spelled correctly if I put an artist on a song how many hours do I have to listen to that station that I made for that song before that song gets played the very simple question that I just want numbers for a time limit will it play and it shouldn't be three years

There is two Jack the Ripper songs by LL Cool J in the three years I've been waiting for cherchez La femme I've also been waiting for Jack the Ripper I still don't have it how do I thumb up a song that I want that you have if you don't play it


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@ABADDJ Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

I understand that it's frustrating not to hear the song that you've seeded a station with, but there's no way to control when or how often particular songs will play on free Pandora or Pandora Plus, so it's not possible to create a station and hear that track play right away (though it could happen by chance). Because of our licenses, we have to limit the predictability of a certain song or artist from playing on those services.

That said, for complete control of what you hear on Pandora, try Pandora Premium. It combines our industry leading internet radio service with on-demand listening and easy playlist generation.

Alternatively, you can start a complimentary session simply by searching our library for a song or album, and clicking play. This will trigger a short advertisement, after which you can enjoy content on-demand.

Hope this helps!

Adam | Community Moderator

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Well when I create a station called Chicago radio and click the artist name to add more variety twice and IT STILL DOES NOT PLAY CHICAGO THAT IS WRONG!!!!!!!

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