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Thumbs left on one station will play on others

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My thumbs are starting to bleed over to my other stations. In other words, when I make a brand new station, it will play music I've thumbed from all my other stations. IE: Three Days Grace and Tom Petty will play on a Goo Goo Dolls station. What's the easiest way to fix this problem?


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@AdamPandora Can we get an update on this?  I pay for Pandora for Business and get this same bleed-over.  We have one station that we play when we're open to the public, other stations that our employees listen to when we're closed, and those employee station songs and genres *definitely* bleed over.  If this isn't a planned fix, we're switching to Spotify for Business.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ardennes The next time this happens, please give the out of place track that plays a thumbs down and write us back with the following:

  • The name of the station you were listening to:
  • The date/time the out of place track(s) played
  • The name(s) of the out of place artist(s) on the station.
  • The title(s) of the out of place track(s) that played.
  • Were you able to give the out of place track(s) a Thumbs down?
  • Were you listening using a Pandora Mode like Crowd Faves, Discovery or Deep Cuts?

Also if possible, please grab a screenshot of the out of place track that plays, and send that in a reply to this message.

Thanks for the help!

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@AdamPandora wrote:

@ardennes The next time this happens, please give the out of place track that plays a thumbs down and write us back with the following: ...

This canned response to this issue - I received it possibly three times - is unreasonable and impractical. We are not all sitting around with notepad or open doc poised to capture the precise detail of the inappropriate selection. We have the Pandora station in the background, and are possibly, even likely, playing Pandora on a non-computing device like a Roku TV. And, I may mention, we are probably doing something else much more important at that moment.

What I find especially annoying now, is that I have several “radios” of various soft ambient artists that, after a few weeks of use, are being melded into each other because of these thumbs crossovers. Artist preference goes out the window, and there is no simple way to reset the “radio” to start over.

This thread has been active for five years, which means but one thing: Pandora’s management knows full-well that this is happening because they have authorized their AI system to function in this way. It’s unlikely to change, and if it does change, it’ll only happen when subscription non-renewals are measurably impacting the bottom line.

Very frustrating. But that said, “It is what it is,” and I’m continuing to put up with it. The only viable competing option requires too much hand-holding to get an equivalent mix. I have other things to do.


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