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Adjusting Volume on TV

Local Performer

I am a little hard of hearing. I play your music and listen to on my head phones. I have the volumn up to it highest and certain songs are louder then others. Is there a way you can adjust the volumn higher on my tv? Thank you Paul


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@saxon I moved your post over to the Other Devices space.

We don't alter music equalization on Pandora from how it appears on the original releases, unlike terrestrial radio, which compresses the entire broadcast.

As a result, some songs sound louder than others. However, we do use the Replay Gain technique that encodes a fixed volume adjustment into the mp3/mp4 header so that the actual player (web browser, phone or device) can adjust volume just as the track begins playing.

If there are vast differences, it could also be due to different instrumentation or arrangements causing different apparent levels of volume where the actual decibel levels are the same.

This all being said, if you were looking to increase the volume output on your TV, you may want to look into purchasing speakers that are compatible with that device.

I recommend checking in with your local electronics store for assistance with picking out something that best fits what you are looking for.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

Adam | Community Moderator

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