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Amazon Fire Stick - Renew Pandora license

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Hello. A few days ago the Pandora app on my Fire Stick started saying the license need to be renewed, and the only option was to select "Ok." When clicked, it exits the app. But if I don't click OK, then it plays music in the background and I can control using the play/pause and skip buttons on my remote. Is there any way to renew the license? I cleared cache and data for the app, no luck. I Uninstalled the app and now it doesn't appear in the appstore. 

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Hi @Mooper92! Thanks for posting. 

I suggest checking to see if there is a firm ware update available for your Fire Stick. Additionally, I would confirm your location settings. Be sure that the timezone settings for your Fire Stick are set to be in the  US. 

Other users who have received a similar message found that their device was showing a non US continent and different time zone.

For specific steps, I would recommend checking the user manual for Fire Stick.


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