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Bose Soundtouch App: Pandora stopped working

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Pandora just stopped working on Soundtouch. 

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Hi @Mikeact 

Welcome to community!

Can you tell me more about your experience? Does Pandora no longer connect through your Soundtouch app or is the app unresponsive?

Before reaching out did you try and troubleshooting steps? If yes, can you let me know what you tried?

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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I also have had the same problem with my Bose SoundTouch. The app opens and is responsive. We also have our Sirius XM and Spotify accounts saved as “channels” in the app … and these work just fine. Also, the actual Pandora app on my phone is working. 

I have deleted the SounfTouch app, reinstalled it from the App Store, and signed in. Pandora still wouldn’t work. 

Next., I deleted Pandora within the SoundTouch app, then re-added it and signed in. This didn’t work either. 

I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions.  


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I found the problem had to do with the speaker configuration. I have two sets of stereo speakers. I had two different configurations defined. One configuration works fine and the other doesn't. 

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Can you provide more information about the speaker configuration issue? I've been having trouble with pandora and my soundbar for weeks now and have deleted and reinstalled everything multiple times. Thank you

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