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Commands on voice enabled devices

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In voice command who am I  Giving a command to is this a Alexa device?  Is this a Pandora device? Or who? 

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Hi @Ampogue! Thanks for posting to community.

Can you tell me a little more about your question?

Are you asking for devices that enable voice commands, when you give a command, who is interpreting your command? Did you have a specific voice enabled device you're using?

Tanner | Community Moderator

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I guess what I'm talking about is I was typing a letter and I had about 8
interruptions asking me if I wanted to use Bixby as my helper or Google as
my helper or Alexa as my helper or I can't remember the other ones but
there were several more and it keeps on and on and on asking me this
question and you know I'm always just sticking with you know do I don't
know about anything else But it makes me wonder if I'm doing Something
wrong so many different companies are asking it if I want to use them as my
helper I don't know I was just wondering is is what other people thought
should I be using something I don't know about or what
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