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Error when opening Pandora on Sony tv


Every time I open Pandora on Sony TV I get an error saying "information received is either incorrect or invalid, please try again later" and I've waited, I've reset my Sony device, I've disconnected then reconnected to Pandora, I've tried using a different account, and I've tried turning the device off and back on. Nothing seems to be working what should I do?

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Hi @yay_yes!

I'm not familiar with this error message. Can you do me a favor and take a picture to share with me here. You can attach a picture in your reply directly on community.

Please note, that you'll need attach the picture through a mobile or web browser, as you won't be able to include this through the email notification you may receive.

Can you also confirm if the Pandora app is installed directly on your Sony TV or through a connected device, like Sony blu-ray player that is displayed on your TV.

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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