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Fire tv app not updating when activation is complete

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I am us a insignia tv and a fire tv set top box. When I ran the pandora app and select log in, it tells me to 1) open the mobile app, 2) go to menu->settings->device activation and 3) enter code f247297e. 

I am using windows7 with the web app, there is no device activation under menu->settings, but a google search finds an activation page, I entered the code, but the fire tv device never updates. It still says it "This screen will update when your activation is complete."

I checked the help and went to "Https://www.Pandora.Com/insignia", I entered the new code, pressed enter and it said my fire tv was ready to use (meaning it saw it), and prompting me to create an account or I have an account (I was already logged in), I selected I have an account and it had my credentials so I pressed "Lookup account". 

The page changed and it said "All done" and "Your amazon fire tv is now ready to use pandora."

I did it again just in case but it never did update the app.

I just want to report this bug to tech support, but could only find community support. I wanted to take a break from tv to concentrate on 5-10 minutes of reading and I have spent more than that just just trying to log in and get help.


Good bye.

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Hi @YOUHAVESPAM! Thanks for posting your experience. 

I've passed along your feedback about the activation process along to our products team. It sounds like you were able to activate your devices. 

If you need to activate a device again in the future, please try these steps:

  • Launch the Pandora application.
  • Select New User.
  • An activation page will appear with a code - leave this code up on the device screen as you continue.

From the web, visit[brand of device] and enter the activation code there (e.g.

Or, from a mobile device, open the Pandora app and go to Settings, then tap Device Activation and enter the code.

Finally, select Continue on the in-home device.

Thank you for being part of community. 


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