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Fitbit - Pandora log in button missing

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I'm having that same problem, no place to log into my Pandora app. When I go to media, then Pandora there is no place to log in. I do have a paid subscription to Pandora. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Pandora and still no login or settings section. When I go to Pandora on my fitbit Sense it says problem with my subscription. 

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Hi @nestor93! Thanks for posting to community.

I created a new thread based on your experience. 

I checked your Pandora account subscription, and I don't see anything unusual on my end. You've signed up for a 60-day trial of Pandora Premium and it is currently active on your account.

On your Fitbit, if the log in button is missing, can you please do me a favor and check the font size on your Fitbit within settings. If the font is too large, it may be pushing the log in button out of view. 


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