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I'm Tired of this Track feature missing

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The i'm tired of this track feature is missing from my android phone, my xfinity flexbox app and my vizio tv app. This is the feature that has set pandora apart from other streaming services, and if I cannot access it, it won't be worth paying for premium. It seems to still be on my macbook, the one place where i rarely use pandora. 

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Hi @renutt! Welcome to community! 👋

Looks like you may have an open support ticket with our User Support team. If you need further help or have additional questions, I recommend following up with their email response. If you don't see an email, please check junk and spam folders.

As a Premium subscriber, you can find the I'm tired of this track/song feature on your mobile device by tapping on the ellipsis (3 dots) below the album art from the Now Playing screen, then scroll down to find 'I'm tired of this track/song.

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