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Missing Thumbs Up Playlist on Sonos and the web

Local Performer

I have one missing thumbs up list, called New Age thumbs up.  There are about 148 songs on it.  I can find on one my phone, such as when I'm in the car, but it doesn't appear when I'm going through Sonos, nor does it appear when I'm looking online with my laptop.

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Hi @ScottAR! Thanks for posting.

I took a look at your account and I didn't see the 'New Age Thumbs Up' playlist either. I did a little investigation and it looks like the playlist was deleted. I'm not sure why it would still appear on your phone though. I checked the web and I do see it there now. 

Can you try again and let me know if you're still having trouble. 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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