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Pandora Modes - Available devices

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How do I use "Modes" on a "Smart (dumb) Speaker"? In particularly if it matters, Amazon Echo.

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@GB60 As far as I know the Pandora app on Roku is limited. I'm not a fan because it doesn't have the modes option. I can't listen to my artist only stations on the Pandora app on Roku. 

I primarily listen to Pandora on my Kindle. I rarely have problems with Pandora on my Kindle. If the Pandora app on Roku worked just like it does on a Kindle, I would listen to it more often on my TV.


@GB60 I moved your message over to an existing thread: Pandora Modes - Available devices

At this time Pandora Modes are only available on our website, mobile devices, and the Sonos app. If you'd like to see Modes available on more devices like CarPlay and Alex, I recommend visiting the current feature request and casting your vote. You can check out the thread here. 

Hope this helps.

Adam | Community Moderator

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