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Pandora Queue playing through Alexa devices

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I have Alexa streaming my music throughout the house but I can’t seem to get her, either by voice or through the Alexa app, to shuffle a shared thumbprint station or the queue. The playlist has 500+ songs and always starts at the beginning with the same song sequence. How do I get the playlist to shuffle via Alexa?

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Hi @Erinm! Thanks for posting. 

Can you try using the command "Alexa, shuffle my <xyz> playlist". 

The only trouble you may run into is that there are 2 playlists with same name and Alexa may not be able to determine which one you'd like.

For shuffling the queue, this is currently not a feature. If you'd like the ability to shuffle the queue, I would recommend visiting our Feature Request board and posting a new suggestion. 

Let me know how it goes. 




Tanner | Community Moderator

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