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Pandora on HEOS app- only stations appear, not albums or artists

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I've just started using HEOS on my Denon system (AVR X3700H receiver) and am adding Denon HEOS Home speakers.  The HEOS app setup on my phone (Android) seems to be working ok.  But the Pandora section on the HEOS app only shows Stations in my Collection, not albums or artists.

How do I access individual albums from my Collection on the HEOS app? 

If the HEOS app doesn't allow Pandora albums, can they be streamed from the phone via HEOS if I download the albums to my phone?  Thanks.

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Hi @dsultzer

Sorry for any confusion around this.

The Denon/ HEOS app does not support Premium features at this time. A complete list of devices that support Premium can be found here.

For now, you can expand your Premium experience by using Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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