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Pandora stops playing when connected to Bluetooth devices

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Long time Pandora user. Have the family subscription. Pandora has always worked on my Bluetooth devices. About 3 days ago, it gave me trouble just trying to get a song to play. Now, Pandora will play from my phone, but as soon as I connect a Bluetooth device, it stops. The play time will only read up to 0:05 of the song, but does not play. If I disconnect device, and change song, it will play from my phone. Please help. I'm a loyal customer for many years. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@RattyFab Thanks for writing and sorry for any trouble.

To clarify, are you only experiencing this issue with Pandora?

Have you tried streaming other apps such as YouTube?

If not, please try launching the YouTube app and let me know if you experience similar issues there as well.

Thanks for your patience.

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