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Pandora will not download on Amazon Fire 10

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Hello,  in 2020 my Fire 10 Tablet (2019 version) indicated the Pandora App needed to be updated.  I clicked "update" but nothing happened.  I tried for about a month.  Then I uninstalled the App.  When I tried to reinstall it, nothing happened.  It did not download.  Today I tried to download the Pandora App from my Amazon account.  It said it downloaded but I don't see it.  The instructions to download manually for Fire Tablet are not for the Fire least I don't think they are.  Please help.  I miss listening to Pandora.



10 May 2021

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Hi @StLGal! Thanks for posting your experience. 

Would you be able to take a screenshot of what you see from the Pandora page on the Amazon app store? If you need steps on how to take a screenshot, let me know. 

Also, could let me know the model and system version?

  • Model (e.g. HDX, HD7):
  • System version*:

*To find the system version, swipe down from the top of your screen and select More. From there, select Device, then About, and view the System Version

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