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Playing albums on TV

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How to move collected albums from PC to TV?

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Hi @burt86! Thanks for posting. 

I checked your Pandora account and it looks like you're set to our free ad-supported version of Pandora. Keep in mind, albums and playlists are considered on-demand content and are available as a Premium subscriber

Having said that, it looks like you've been initiating Premium Access session. These sessions allow free and Plus users to listen to playlists, albums, songs and other content on-demand, without paying for a subscription. These sessions are temporary, after the session has ended the app will automatically return to its previous state.

If you'd like to listen to on-demand content on your TV, you'll first need to initiate the Premium Access session on a mobile device or the web. Once the session has started, it will transfer to all supported devices and last for the duration of your session. 

Keep in mind, not all TVs support Premium. To check if your device supports Premium, click here

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