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Roku: Playback stops with Unexpected Error

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I know this has been brought up before.  I’ve tried removing app,  restarting system and reinstalling app.  No luck.   I cant even get to point where I log in.  Any suggestions?

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Hi @Lgrab 

Welcome to community!

Sounds like you've already tried some troubleshooting steps. I'm happy to pass this along to our engineering team for further review.

Can you let me know the following info:

  • What is the Roku model?
  • What Roku software version is your device using? (Settings > System > About)
  • What Pandora channel version are you on? (Highlight the Pandora channel icon and select the * key.)


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Local Performer

Having the same issue. I click the Pandora app on my new Roku Express 4K and I get the Unexpected Error nonsense. I can't even get to the login page. The Roku forum is no help, they have offered no solutions and one of the Roku moderators even tried to blame this error on Pandora since you guys write the Roku channel. It seems something in the Pandora app is conflicting with the hardware in this particular Roku device.

Pandora you need to reach out to Roku and discuss this problem and both of you come up with a solution. So far neither Roku nor Pandora has come up with a fix and each company pointing the finger at the other will never solve the problem and only hurt customers. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps they don't work! Pandora please figure this out and make it a top priority.

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I recently upgraded my old Roku player with an Express 4K+ and when I try to use the Pandora channel I keep getting the message “Unexpected error  An unexpected error has occurred.  Please try again.”  I have deleted the app, rebooted the Roku device, reinstalled the app and I still get this error.  The version of the Pandora Roku app I have is Version 6.5 build 0   I have no problem with Pandora on the other Roku players in my home. 

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This started happening with me this week on two Roku TV's.

TCL Roku TV model 55S423 w/ Roku version 13.0.0 build 24062-30

Hisense Roku TV model 7Series-65 w/ Roku version 13.0.0 build 24062-CH

Pandora app, version 6.5 build 0

It has been working fine for a couple years, since we have had the TV. Now when the app starts or when I try to play anything, it displays the "Unexpected error" message.

I have tried:

- Logging off Pandora app

- Uninstalling Pandora app

- Restarting the TV

- Reinstalling Pandora app

Other apps work fine.

The Roku software was last updated June 7 so it's not that. I'm not sure when the Pandora app updated.

Please help.

Local Performer

Betting this a Roku issue.  With my old Roku stick the Pandora app works on 2 TVs, with new Roku Express 4K all apps work except Pandora, same error, on both TVs.  Internet speed should not be issue, mbps 933+.  Suspect I'll pitch Roku Express, Roku doesn't appear interested.  I tried all suggested efforts to correct issue, none worked. 

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