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Roku Ultra Comedy station stops playing

Local Performer

I've been dealing with issue since I bought my Roku Ultra in November.  No issues with two other Roku Stick + devices same apps.  Changed to Pandora  Beta.  On occasion it might play several bits and then randomly will just halt at the end of 4 minute bit and stop.  Sometimes, if you wait 30 sec to a minute, it will switch to the next bit.  Sometimes it will kick out of Pandora to the main Roku home page.  Sometimes an Error message will appear and it will start playing anyway.  This happens almost every time we use the Beta version.  I've power cycled it at least a few times in January.  No change.  I also have Pandora on my Visio TV and it never has a problem.  

I haven't gone back to trying the non Beta one again.  4670x model number.  

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Hi @Cranstjs

Can you let me know the name of the comedy station? I'll take a closer look from our end. 

Can you also let me know what the error message says? If you can take a picture of when it happens, that would be great. 

In the meantime, would you mind exiting the beta version and try the regular Pandora app? 


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