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Roku - Unexpected Error Message

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I have a Roku TCL TV and I am getting unexpected error with Pandora.  This just started a few weeks ago.  Pandora will sometime start with the error but does not skip to the next song. 

I have removed and added back the Pandora app but am still getting the error.  I have updated my TV to the latest software and still getting the error.

Checking the community it looks like the issue was fixed back in June of 2021 but I am getting the error.

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Hi @EllenHipp! Thanks for posting.

Seems like you've done some troubleshooting before reaching out. The only other step I can suggest is to remove the device associations from your Pandora account and have you run through the set-up process again. 

If you'd like to proceed with this, let me know and I'll remove the association on my side. 

In the meantime, I've created a ticket to pass along to our engineering team so they can investigate further. Can you let me know the model number of your Roku TV?


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