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Roku: Using Search

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I put my Pandora premium account on my Roku TV. When I search for an artist and click on them, it automatically creates a station. It doesn't provide a way to search for a specific album or song. This is not the case on my phone or tablet. 

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Hi @Tialswoosh! Welcome to community. 👋

Because individual manufacturers are responsible for the implementation of the Pandora application, some devices may lack features, or the layout may be different than what is seen on mobile or tablets.

The search function on Roku does not work like it does on mobile devices and does not allow for searching premium content. Any time you use search on Roku, it will create a station.

In order to view the artist catalog on Roku, you'll first need to have something of that artist collected. Then you can navigate to the Artists tab in My Music to see their top songs and albums, as well as any collected content you may have.

You should be able to use the following steps to play albums by an artist on Roku:

  • From My Music, select Artists
  • Select the artist you'd like to browse.
  • Select View More
  • Scroll down to Albums


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