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Samsung Galaxy Active Watch

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Does the Samsung Galaxy Active work with Pandora? I am on the $4.99 plan.


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Hi @Eddie24361 As long as your Samsung Gear smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth, you can launch Pandora from your phone and the controls should appear on your watch.

Unfortunately, there isn't the ability to launch Pandora directly from your Samsung watch. If you'd like to see this feature, I'd recommend creating a new feature request post in our Feature Request Board

If you are having trouble with the controls on your smartwatch, please try re-pairing the Bluetooth connection between your device and the phone.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for posting to community! 🎧

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Do full Pandora controls appear, like thumbs up, thumbs down, station selection, etc., or is it just generic media player controls like stop/start/pause/skip?